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Blackout in the United States in 2003

With the increasing number of decentralized production units as a result of the energy revolution arises a supply security and grid development problem. Blackouts of the energy grid due to a grid frequency instability threaten the customers. A supply alternative is inevitable that allows for temporary independencies of the grid if necessary. gridX’s ‘Microgrids’ solution provides an independent, ecologic, and cost-effective solution. With its components the gridX ‘Microgrids’ solution enables monitoring, managing, and billing the energy flows of the customers to prepare forecasts for the management of the decentralized power plant fleets.

District Solution

The data of the decentralized energy devices needs to be collected, stored, and managed in real time. Monitoring and balancing the energy flows in the Microgrid increases energy efficiency and allows for demand shifts into excess production times in order to do justice to future power grid requirements. Assets are analyzed, adjustments made, and performance is maximized with ‘Microgrids’ by gridX.


Trading energy between consumers allows for energy surpluses to be transferred to consumers that have an energy deficit. This requires monitoring, management, and billing of the parties that are linked to the trade. Peer-to-Peer trading supports peak shaving and energy demand shifts that are necessary requirements for the future energy market design. gridX’s ‘Microgrids’ solution involves metering, managing, and billing the energy flows in between your Peer-to-Peer energy trading customers.

Your advantages of the ‘Microgrids’ solution by gridX

Autarky of microgrids and economic benefits

gridX customers are able to handle the loads in the network independent of the power grid and get access to attractive business models.

Unimpeded communication and cost reductions

gridX’s IoT devices enable the direct communication between energy producers and consumers and provide future power grid requirements such as peak shaving and demand brought forward.

Avoid grid problems and blackouts

The isolated operation mode of ‘Microgrids’ guarantees energy security and stability of the customers.

Renewable energy production

Remote areas or development areas provide an opportunity to be supplied with renewable energy and hereby generate energy at the location of the recipient.

Existing Microgrids that disrupt the electricity supply

Microgrids are in the research and implementation stage. It is already clear that the Microgrids of the future will take over the energy supply of today. Decentralized renewable energy sources will supply the energy required, and possibilities to store, distribute, and trade the surplus are necessary. IoT devices will be unavoidable if it comes to monitoring, storing, and trading the electricity supply. Here is how we experience the change and how you can participate with our products.

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