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potential yearly savings realized by the right Microgrid solution


of gross energy production is lost in the energy distribution

50 million

people were affected by the Northeast Blackout in the United States in 2003

Microgrids – the future of the decentral energy supply


Microgrids play an important role in the decentral, decarbonized and digital energy future. With our Microgrid solution you can enable entire districts to function completely independent from the public grid when it is operated in island mode. All energy devices within are connected intelligently to increase energy efficiency and maximize their performance.

Monitoring and billing of energy flows
All assets within the entire district are monitored in real-time and translated into visualized and billable data.

Holistic optimization
Management of the energy flows to not only optimize them on the individual building level but for the whole district.

Cooperative demand response
Including weather forecast and advanced analytics ensures a grid-optimal behaviour on district level through load shifting and demand response.

Remote monitoring and maintenance
All data and detected anomalies are concatenated and visualized in the manage dashboard to enable active customer support from off-site.

Open for third-party manufacturers and interfaces.

Versatile applications
Useful not only for urban districts but for hospitals, harbours, factory sites, server farms, and remote communities.


Autarky of microgrids and economic benefits

gridX customers are able to handle the loads in the network independent of the power grid and get access to attractive business models.

Unimpeded communication and cost reductions

gridX IoT devices enable direct communication between energy producers and consumers and provide future power grid requirements such as peak shaving and demand brought forward.

Avoid grid problems and blackouts

The isolated operation mode of ‘Microgrids’ guarantees energy security and stability of the customers.

Renewable energy production

Remote areas or development areas provide an opportunity to be supplied with renewable energy and hereby generate energy at the location of the recipient.

Case Study

With the expansion of renewable energy sources, adapting supply to demand becomes nearly impossible, as they are mainly dependent on weather and daylight hours. Precisely for these problems, IoT, Blockchain, Smart Grids etc. provide solutions. An entirely new world of possibilities is opening up here. Learn more about our thoughts on the chances of Microgrids and Peer-to-peer energy trading in our case study.

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Microgrids disrupt the electricity supply

A lot of money is currently put into the research and development of Microgrids. It is already clear that the Microgrids of the future will take over the energy supply of today. Decentralized renewable energy sources will supply the energy required, and possibilities to store, distribute, and trade the surplus will be essential. IoT devices will be unavoidable if it comes to monitoring, storing, and trading electricity. Learn more about how we experience the change and how you can participate with our products.

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