Smart Charging

Higher Efficiency. Lower Cost.

Made for: Restaurants | Hotels | Supermarkets | Logistics Service Providers | Fleet Management


million fully electric and +1.8 million

plug-in hybrid vehicles worldwide


potential increase in peak power drawn

due to unmanaged charging

23 hours

average time a car remains

on the parking spot per day

Revolutionizing the way electric vehicles are charged

A well-functioning charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is needed in more and more areas. gridX’ Smart Charging ensures efficient and dynamic load management of charging stations for electric vehicles. With the help of gridX, the existing grid capacities are used to the full extent and high network charges are avoided.

Real-time monitoring
The current consumption, charging and energy generation situation on-site are monitored in real-time.

Dynamic load management
The available charging capacity is adapted to the current energy consumption in the building.

All information in one place
All customer data is bundled in the manage dashboard. Monitor and control the charging stations remotely from there.

Instant anomaly detection
Faults that occur at charging stations are immediately forwarded and enable active customer support.

Reduction of administrative efforts
The multi-client capability allows assigning right and areas of responsibility on a granular level.

White label
Interfaces across the entire solution are adapted to match your corporate identity.

Our Smart Charging solution can be adapted to the number of charging points to be controlled. Both versions use dynamic load management to take into account the current grid connection capacity and thus react proactively to daily fluctuations in generation and consumption.


Reduce your energy cost

Prevent peak loads through optimized energy management such as demand brought forward.

Keep an eye on your energy consumption

Make your energy consumption more transparent through comprehensive energy monitoring and identify which devices consume the most energy.

Cross-sector optimization

Holistic management of the energy system, taking into account heating, cooling, and electricity, in order to achieve the best interplay between the various sectors.

Flexible and scalable expansion

Manufacturer-independent integration of energy devices such as PV, batteries, heat pumps, fuel cells, CHPs and charging stations and expansion with other gridX solutions

Participate actively in the energy transition

Track your CO2-savings via the dashboard and share them with your customers and partners. Show them how much you contribute to a greener future.

innogy and gridX drive the digital progress in the mobility sector

innogy is one of the leading European utilities. In cooperation with gridX, innogy is expanding its activities in the field of electromobility. Based on the gridX platform and its Smart Charging solution, innogy can provide its customers with comprehensive, intelligent charging management. As one example the solution was implemented in a reference project at the innogy congress centre Wanderath. Learn more about our Smart Charging solution and our joint reference project in our case study.

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Learn more about how we shape the future of e-mobility

The increasing number of electric vehicles presents operators of charging stations with the challenge of optimizing the charging behaviour of more and more electric vehicles. These include hotel and restaurant operators, supermarkets, logistics centres and companies with large fleets of electric cars. gridX offers solutions for up to a hundred charging points for – contact us to learn more

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