Smart Charging

Run Cost-Efficient Charging Infrastructure

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Avoid new peak loads

Save on demand charges.

Dynamic loads

Loads are managed in real time.

Offline functionality

Robust to network outages.

Ready made solutions for Logistics Providers

Whether you run restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, a logistics provider or manage a fleet – gridX Smart Charging reduces your demand charges and installation costs when running charging infrastructure.

White label solutions for Resellers and Channel Partners

Integrate Smart Charging into your portfolio and offer it to your own customers in your own corporate design. Smart Charging enables you to close more deals, upsell existing customers and ultimately drive your revenue up.

Electrify mobility with gridX

The market is still in an early stage and integration with existing infrastructure can be complex. gridX Smart Charging is a comprehensive solution to make electrification smooth and seamless.

The gridBox is installed on site

A single gridBox is installed on your premise, connects to your charging stations and communicates with the Xenon platform so you can manage your infrastructure in realtime.

Truly dynamic load management

gridX Smart Charging considers the total load on the grid connection point in realtime. This ensures that charging always runs with the maximum load while not exceeding your target peak load.

No network, no problem

The load management runs locally so that network outages and connection issues do not impact the charging process.

Plug and play.

Mix and match.

Our modular architecture is manufacturer independent and extendible. So whether you plan to install a PV system or want to add more charging points – we have got you covered.

How a hotel digitized its electrical infrastructure

With gridX Smart Charging the congress hotel Wanderrath saves demand charges every year. Learn about the challenges the hotel faced and how they solved them with gridX.

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