All the information.

All the control.

One place.

We provide you with the right interfaces for every situation – empower your customers with our User Dashboard and stay in the know with our Manage Dashboard.

User dashboard

The user dashboard – on every device

Device independent. The user dashboard can be accessed on any device through our web app or our native mobile apps.

User friendly. Whilst providing comprehensive information and control our user dashboard remains intuitive to use.

Customizable. The entire look and feel of our user dashboard can be adapted to meet your needs.

Keep your customers up to date

Self sufficiency. Your customers see how much of their energy consumption was covered by your own productions.

Savings. Show them the impact their energy production and storage has had on both their carbon footprint and their wallet.

Summaries and trends. The gridBox saves all raw data in intervals of two seconds. Provide your customers with summaries of the past month or week and display how their energy production and consumption has changed

Consumption. The gridBox tracks the consumption in real-time. Display your customer’s current energy consumption or historic consumption data – on a device or a summary level.

Production. Show your customers the current energy production level of their household as the gridBox monitors it in real-time. Display from what sources their energy is coming.

Storage. The current charge of the battery or electric vehicle is visualized in the app.

Real-time data and analyses

No delay. The gridBox reads the consumption and production data in real-time and makes it accessible to the end user right away.

Detailed. The gridBox saves all raw data in intervals of two seconds. Allowing the user to gain precise insights.

No delay The gridBox reads the consumption and production data in real-time and makes it accessible to the end user right away.

In-depth analysis. Data is summarized and visualized to provide the user with comprehensive and easy to understand insights on their consumption.

Manage dashboard

The manage dashboard – know your customers

All information in one place.

All customers’ live-gridBoxes are shown in a single dashboard, in addition to the most important statistics. From here, all grid Boxes can be remotely controlled.

No delay ensures excellent service.

The gridBox makes data on consumption, charging and production in real-time available. Let your customers experience excellent support as you can see all connected devices and their status.

Remote Maintenance.

Automated fault monitoring and detailed error reports ensure that you can offer your customers the best remote maintenance possible.

Different views for different roles.

Customize the views to your needs. Multi-client capability is used to define areas and responsibilities and manage their access rights and views – e.g. technicians on site can get a different view than account managers.

All the information – at your fingertips

Customer overview. See all activated gridBoxes that are installed at your customers in one dashboard..

System status. Detect system failures of your customers and provide proactive customer support.

Failure alert. Use failure alerts to detect system anomalies and save on-site maintenance costs.

System overview. Each of your customers’ systems is summarized in detail.

Live view. Live energy flow diagrams enable detailed energy insights and real-time support of your customers.

Diagnose centre. Perform meaningful and thorough scans of your customer assets with just one click.

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