The gridX platform: XENON

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Gateway + OS

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For every IoT-project it is crucial to collect the data from a physical asset and to ensure a stable and secure communication to the cloud. For these tasks, gridX developed an edge gateway (gridBox) as well as an operating system (gridOS).

The gridBox, an edge gateway, provides easy configuration and setup via Plug-and-Play architecture and open interfaces. It meets the highest industrial security and reliability standards. The gridBox is currently one of the most innovative, reliable and cost-efficient IoT edge gateways on the market.

The operating system, gridOS, was developed according to the latest technical methodologies and convinces with its scalability and security. gridOS allows you to run docker containers on embedded devices and brings the tools of modern software development to the world of connected hardware and IoT.

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Device Management

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We ease the demanding IoT deployment with our Device Management because IoT deployment is by far not simple. You need to monitor the health of your devices, push  alerts if something goes wrong, control your devices remotely, and push new software updates and bug fixes over the air. gridX provides all tools that all your devices can be managed, monitored and updated from your dashboard to keep your devices up and running for years with minimum downtime and costs.

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Application Management

The gridX platform includes device, server and client software, so your code can be securely and reliably deployed to a fleet of devices – independent of the language you selected. The process was originally designed to manage millions of decentralized renewable energy assets remotely and to update edge devices with new functions. Hence sufficient capacities for your solution are available.


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The gridX-Cloud is built to receive data from remote IoT-devices, store them, and to process large amounts of data for specific business logics. The base is a scalable and real-time capable cloud system that enables organizations to respond rapidly to whatever change in business and regulatory comes next. Furthermore the gridX Data Lake operates in a secure, scalable, distributed, and elastic cloud infrastructure. It enables organizations to focus on the business logic instead of building up a Data Lake in-house and simplifies the processing and storage of large datasets.

At the end gridX provides various tools to translate the processed data into valuable insights for you and your customers via dashboards.  


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The gridX platform and its services provide fundamental and prefabricated solutions for the Energy IoT sector. Multi-client capabilities of the Manage-Dashboard, hosting of the Energy-IoT Cloud, and the technical support for your customers create an all-around carefree package of services. With our advanced analytics, we translate your data into valuable insights for you and your customers. gridX Services enables easy development, fast implementation, and cost-effective operation of Energy IoT models.

gridX solutions

Higher autarky

Better charging

Lower costs

Smarter Districts

Whether it is maximizing the self-sufficiency of your end customers, optimizing network access points through charging station control, connecting complete districts or an all-embracing solution for supermarkets, hotels or the manufacturing industry, gridX offers a variety of solutions which address these customer needs.

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Kick start your digital transformation and IoT-deployment with gridX

Interoperability with over 150 manufacturers and protocols

Highest security standards through over-the-air update mechanisms and hosting in Germany or on-site

End-to-end and any-to-any solution

gridBox as efficient and reliable IoT-edge gateway, collecting 2.5 million data points per device per day

Scalable gridOS and cloud infrastructure consisting of over 180,000 lines of code

Available as white-label - our designers adapt everything to your Corporate Design